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Chris McKillican Photography

Destiny Has a Name

Photo title

The Last Shot

The Pure Joy that comes from being outside and capturing what you see and experience is what keeps Chris inspired about photography. As an adventurer, filmmaker and photographer who specializes in outdoor environments, Chris has had a keen eye since an early age for visual details and often finds beauty in the not so obvious.

Inspiration and appreciation is what photography gives to me. I feel more excited than ever to really absorb the world around me as I know that being passionate about something is a real gift not to be wasted. If I can Inspire even one person to search for something after seeing my images then I am happy.

Chris graduated from The Center For Digital Imaging and Sound with honours and has been working with sound and pictures for the last 17 years. He has gone on to win awards in Advertising, Audio Engineering and Photography. Recently Awarded Second Place in two categories at the prestigious 16th Annual Vancouver Mountain Film Festival Photography Competion in Mountain Landscape and Flora and Fauna Categories

Chris is Currently Living near Squamish, British Columbia on the shores of the Chekamus River

His Parting words?

"Enjoy the moments.. you never know when it could be your last shot"